Measurements of Atomic Lifetime and Natural Linewidth


We have exploited the well established technique of photon echoes to carry out a measurement of the excited state life time in room temperature Rb vapour to a precision of ~1%. This technique requires only a very simple set up and avoids the effects of radiation trapping and the necessity for a narrow laser line width, which are requirements for high precision determinations of radiative lifetime and natural line width.


We have also carried out a study of systematic effects associated with a measurement of the natural line width. We plan to undertake this experiment after the construction of a suitable narrow line width laser system.



Key Papers


Measurement of Excited-State Lifetime Using Two-Pulse Photon Echoes in Rubidium Vapor, E. Rotberg, B. Barrett, S. Beattie, S. Chudasama, M. Weel, I. Chan, and A. Kumarakrishnan, Journal of the Optical Society of America B 24, 671 (2007).


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Absorption spectrum from cold Rb atoms.

















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Photon echo intensity decay.